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There is no shortage of waste on our planet. What has been lacking are environmentally acceptable processes to cleanly transform waste streams into assets. Why not simultaneously reduce the liabilities and costs of waste streams while creating a healthy environment, financial assets and global goodwill?

We encourage you to use this site to step outside the conventional waste container!

Clean Solutions Co. supplies modular plants handling from 50 to 5000 tons per day from biomass, municipal, industrial and commercial waste streams. These innovative but simple proven technologies can convert costly waste into green energy and positive cash flow by:
  • Utilizing renewable energy sources to produce clean, reliable, distributed energy or synfuels.
  • Reducing waste and pollution by up to 90%.
  • Ability to produce valuable gases, kWh, biofuels and clean heat from waste.

What Waste Streams Can Create

The Problems Our Solutions
  • Escalating Disposal Fees
  • Limited Landfill Space
  • Long Term Liabilities & Responsibilities
  • Increasing Transportation Costs
  • Water, Soil and Air Pollution
  • Global Warming
  • Reduce Disposal fees
  • Reduce volume
  • Minimize Liability
  • Reduce Trucking & Fuel use
  • Stop Environmental Damage
  • Capture energy tax credits
  • Generate Profits

What Do You Want to Create?

Will you choose to create viable solutions? What is preventing you from taking action?

Clean Solutions Co. supplies tested systems that are economical, reliable and easily exceed all governmental emission requirements. There is a large and rapidly expanding demand for cleaning up the environment, generating renewable energy and conserving resources. When you can combine all three, the potential rewards are immense.

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